Cubipod® Manual 2016 provides basic criteria for the preliminary design of mound breakwaters protected with single- or double-layer Cubipod® armors. Economic, logistic and environmental factors are analyzed to guide the designers in the preliminary design phase of a breakwater.The economic cost of a large mound breakwater usually depends on the geometry of the concrete unit used for the armor layer. Each geometry (cube, Cubipod®, Tetrapod, etc.) and placement pattern (random, specific, ordered, etc.) can be used for single-layer armoring, double-layer armoring or both.Each armor design alternative, with a different packing density, has a different hydraulic performance and logistic constraints. Although some general rules and comments are applicable to other armor units, Cubipod® Manual 2016 is focused on the use of Cubipod® units in conventional mound breakwaters.


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