This book aims to pay homage to the people, culture and traditional architecture of Burkina Faso, a country with an extraordinary wealth of construction cultures. Through cross-referencing and analysis this book provides an overview of the architectures of the Birifor, Bobo, Dogon, Gan, Kassena, Ko, Lela, Lobi, Mossi, Nuna, Peul, Puguli, Senufo and Tuareg, offering a series of interpretations. It examines habitat, construction materials, elements, space and notions underlying their vernacular architecture, types of buildings and built heritage as well as the weaknesses of their state of conservation and maintenance. It also presents a reflection on the concept and history of cooperation architecture in the country as a preamble to the description of the development cooperation project carried out by the Universitat Politècnica de València in the village of Baasneere.

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Mileto, C., Vegas López-Manzanares, F., & García Soriano, L. (2024). Burkina Faso. Architecture, Culture and Cooperation. Fuera De colección. Recuperado a partir de


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